The future of video game co-creation
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1st November | 8am (GMT)


Welcome to the Gamestatix token sale!

Gamestatix is a social platform for the co-creation of PC games. We empower game creators. Using Gamestatix, developers can connect with a global pool of talent, and players can monetise their time, attention and skills.

Blockchain facilitated co-creation will revolutionise the games industry, and it is Gamestatix, with its combined use of blockchain technology, which will incite this revolution.

A Fair and Transparent Ecosystem

Our approach to decentralization allows developers and players to interact in ways previously not possible, extending the market far beyond what it is today.

Why Do We Need Gamestatix?

Existing platforms have too much control over how developers do business and who sees their games. The games industry is dominated by large, centralised platforms who stand between game developers and their audiences, making it incredibly difficult to get their games the attention they deserve. Alongside this, players have struggled for years to monetise their skills.

Charts in digital storefronts have become stagnant
PR, marketing and playtesting are expensive
Early Access as it stands, under-values player time and attention
Indies don't have access to the global talent pool multinationals do

Our Solution

Build an ecosystem that gives game developers direct access to a carefully curated and incentivised community and provides tools that facilitate peer-to-peer value exchanges.

Utilise a fresh approach to ranking content and allow developers to invite a pre-defined audience, eliminating potential discovery problems
Value and financially reward user contribution with cryptocurrency, while allowing players to monetise their skills by working directly with developers
Provide blockchain facilitated peer-to-peer transactions, allowing players to control ownership of their assets, at the same time as opening a global pool of talent for developers

Gamestatix has been designed and built to function
as a social network, encouraging openness and connectivity

Proprietary Reward Model

Gamestatix believes that whenever value is created, it should be rewarded. When users interact within the ecosystem in a positive way, it creates value, so in addition to any GSX players are earning from developers, our users will also earn rewards from Gamestatix for their contribution to the platform, creating a virtuous ecosystem.

Rewards can be earned by

  • Contributing ideas or feedback to developers
  • Creating and sharing social content
  • Buying games
  • Referring friends to the platform

Blockchain Network & Smart Contracts

Gamestatix uses blockchain and smart contract technology to facilitate collaboration.

GSX token Proprietary rewards system Developer payments Game purchases Community curation Influencer relations Positive, social environment Co-creation Ongoing research Global expansion Licensing and sale of UGC Ethereum Network & Smart Contracts Gamestatix Platform

Token Sale

The Gamestatix ERC20 token is the fundamental currency of the Gamestatix platform and community. GSX will be earned as rewards, can be used to purchase games and content and can be openly traded in exchanges.

Sale dates


Trading Symbol:


Initial Total Supply:

260,000,000 GSX

Hard Cap:


Soft Cap:


Token Price:

1 GSX = $0.10

Funds Accepted:


Token Distribution

Total Initial Circulating Supply:

  • Token Sale

    156,000,000 GSX


  • Retained for Gamestatix Development and Operations:

    78,000,000 GSX


  • Respawn Pool Periodic Vesting

    26,000,000 GSX


Use of Token Sale Funds

ETH funds will be made available immediately upon completion of the Token Sale to the founders. A certain amount of ETH, depending on the market rate, will be converted to fiat currencies to give a 3 year runway on completion of the ICO. The rest will be held in Ether and secured with hardware wallets in geographically dispersed areas.

  • Development of the Gamestatix Platform:


  • Marketing & Partnerships


  • Operations & Business


  • Gamestatix Lab


  • Legal


Further Info

For more detailed information download our whitepaper:


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Where we've been, where we are and where we intend to be

Q3 2015 - Q4 2017
  • Market research
  • Platform development initiated
Q1 - Q2 2018
  • Desktop app development initiated & completed
  • Initial advisors and partners confirmed
  • Marketing and communications kick off
Q3 2018
  • Desktop app MVP completed
  • Pre-alpha platform development completed
  • Ramp up platform and token sale marketing
Seed Round
Q4 2018
  • Grow the core team
  • Launch the platform and desktop app in closed alpha
  • Refine and iterate core platform features with our early-access community
  • Initiate content aquisition strategy
Private Pre-sale
Q1 2019
  • Scaling improvements on the back end
Q2 2019
  • Launch platform and desktop app in open beta
  • Initiate global expansion plan


Dean Anderson
A blockchain evangelist with deep working knowledge of the UK and European Games Industries. Dean was previously tasked with driving commercial growth at NJLive; an agency responsible for the UK launch of AAA franchises such as Halo, Call of Duty, Overwatch and Destiny to name a few. After years of working agency side with AAA game publishers, Dean's focus has now shifted to empowering indie developers and studios.
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Visar Statovci
Having previously co‐founded Waste‐Creative 12 years ago, Visar has been marketing iconic PC games for some of biggest companies in the world for many years now. He's had a direct involvement in marketing titles such as Total War series, Sonic The Hedgehog, Assassins Creed, Football Manager, Batman Arkham series and many more. Passionate about games and armed with a thorough understanding of what works when marketing games, Visar brings a wealth of creative and business knowledge to the team. Show more
Valon Statovci
MD of GC Covert Security and Founder of GoPlanr; a dedicated platform solution for workforce agencies who need to deploy employees to multiple client sites. A passionate gamer and crypto investor, Valon's technical and business knowledge spans multiple industries. Show more
Brett Meyer
Head of Development
Justin Wu
Blockchain Strategist
Rui Vaz
Blockchain Developer
Mateusz Tarnaski
Full Stack Developer
Dariusz Górak
Full Stack Developer


Andy Payne OBE
Chairman of the UK eSports association; Founder at AppyNation; Board member at Ukie – The Association for UK Interactive Entertainment.
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Craig Peter O'Boyle
Head of Entertainment & Media at Google; Previously Senior Director at Activision Blizzard.
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Henry Clay
Founder at Hype Management & Block Infuence; Previously Senior Digital PR Manager at Activision Blizzard, PR Manager at Nickelodeon.
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Alan Moss
(Commercial Adviser)
Partner at Harbottle & Lewis, Alan advises clients in the fields of interactive entertainment and film on media financing transactions and on arrangements for the development, production and exploitation of content.
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Veikko Toomere
(Token Sale Adviser)
Managing Partner, Tallinn, NJORD Law. Veikko has more than 15 years of experience in advising Estonian and foreign companies, and he is a member of the Estonian Bar Association since 2005.
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Charles Griffiths
Founder at Cavalier Game Studios; Previously designer at Lionhead Studios and EA Games.
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Mikael Vinding
Founder of the, a community of over 270K indie developers.
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Why Gamestatix?

What our advisors, investors and users have to say about us:

Facilitating and standardizing games' co-creation is a great idea. It can involve the community more in the design and development of their beloved games, and let gamers and game developers collaborate for creating unique and innovative games.
Kaveh Vahdat
Founder at RiseAngle, Inc.
Gamestatix represents a unique intersection of blockchain and videogame development, two industries evolving at breakneck speed. The result is a platform that is perfectly positioned to answer the call for a much fairer developer landscape.
Henry Clay
Founder at Block Influence
The Gamestatix team has just the right balance of youth, experience, ingenuity and energy. Dean has proven he has the pulling power to convince some serious heavyweights in the industry of his vision, so TribeFirst is fully on board and excited to be part of the journey.
John Auckland
Founder at TribeFirst
There is a genuine need for a platform that can support more open, transparent and honest communication between gamers and developers.
Jamie Reeves
Games Industry Consultant


Gamestatix is actively seeking partnerships to drive user acquisition and strengthen our value proposition. If this sounds like you, get in touch!

Frequently asked questions

Why Is Gamestatix running a token sale?

Gamestatix is running a token sale to develop the Gamestatix platform into the fully functional Gamestatix ecosystem and grow the community.

How can I join the whitelist?

Join our email list and telegram channel and we'll be in touch with detailed instructions when we are ready to start accepting whitelist registrations.

Will there be a pre-sale?

Yes, Gamestatix will hold a private pre-sale for accredited investors and investor pools. Post this, we will hold a public pre-sale. Details will be announced in the coming weeks.

The majority of of the development work for the alpha platform has been completed. As the founders have bootstraped Gamestatix to date, we have scaled back our team to allow us to allocate more funds to marketing the Token Sale Event. For this we have the core team and the support of two agencies - TribeFirst and Waste Creative. We will scale the team back up post private pre-sale.

Yes, Team and Founder tokens are vested over a 2 year period.

Gamestatix strongly recommends that users participate through either MetaMask or MyEtherWallet. Detailed instructions will be posted in the coming weeks.

Do not transfer Ethereum from an exchange such as Coinbase.

Yes, Gamestatix will require that all participants undergo KYC/AML checks to ensure the project is fully compliant with financial regulations and laws in the Estonia.

Gamestatix will provide regular updates via our Medium Publication, official newsletters, and official social media announcements on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Telegram.

Anyone who owns GSX will have early access to the Gamestatix platform and therefore an opportunity to shape the development of platform with the Gamestatix team. We are planning an alpha release Q3 2018, and a Beta launch late Q1 2019.

Join our email list for updates on our Whitelist
and upcoming Token Sale Event