More Doors, Less Barriers

Don’t Develop in a Vacuum

We know being an indie or smaller studio can be tough. The bootstrap struggle, talent shortages, limited transparency from platforms, never mind the marketing challenge of getting your title the attention it deserves.

Gamestatix champions indie game development. Our platform makes finding talent, assets, playtesters and a curated community, a breeze. With unbiased game discovery and social tools to convert your fans into influencers, we’re harnessing the power of community and putting that power in your hands.

This is how it works:

Upload Your Content
Deploy a customisable community page. Forums, feedback pages, ideas sections, polls, analytics and much more are ready and waiting for you.
Send Invites
There’s a community here ready-made for you. All platform members have reputation profiles, so you can identify the right talent for the right job. You’ll have access to playtesters, modders, influencers, community managers and thousands of other skill sets that keep the games industry rolling.
Empower Your New Community
We’ve incentivised every platform member to engage with you in a positive way. Harness community talents from modders to influencers, to improve and accelerate your development journey.
Release Platform? Your Choice
If you want to sell your finished title(s) through Gamestatix, that's great. Want to release them on Steam, or anywhere else? That's great too. Wherever, whenever. Our focus is on ensuring you not only have an engaged community and fanbase, but most importantly, games that people want to play.

Blockchain? Excuse Me?

Blockchain technology is what enables Gamestatix to offer this level of support, transparency and value exchange. Don't worry though, we’ve buried it deep within the platform and our UI is awesome. Our focus is on PC titles; blockchain games are welcome, but are not our main target.