Early Access, Reinvented

Turn Your Passion Into Profit

Gamers don’t just play. We’re streamers, modders, developers, playtesters and promoters. All because we love games.

But what if your love of gaming could earn you money?

We're Gamestatix, and we're here to turn some of your passion into cold, hard cash. No B.S.

Here’s how it works...

Find a Game You Love
You can search by genre, popularity, studio, or peer recommendations. We’ve built a discovery engine driven by your interests and to support new games being developed on the platform.
Express Yourself
Time to get involved. Support developers and studios with your ideas and feedback, or take it a step further by developing in-game assets or helping manage a community. It’s your platform, you decide.
Get Socialised
We’ve designed Gamestatix to function like a social network. Get active creating and sharing social content around your favourite titles and quickly become a platform influencer.
Get Paid
We believe wherever value is created, it should be rewarded. Whether you ‘like’ posts, develop mods, create or stream content, or participate in community pages - we’ll reward you with Gamestatix tokens for you to cash-in or spend within the platform.

You Made It? You Own It.

Any in-game assets or mods that you create are registered to you for you to then gift, license or sell. Demonstrate enough talent, and you might just land yourself a new career in the games industry!